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With so many possible Viruses and Malware on the net, I now ask you to please email me and I will send the program to you as an attachment. Please send request to JimKilby@usa.net

Offering Discounts on Loss? If so, you MUST try the Casino Marketing Manager. In this age of malicious software download, now I ask you to email me directly and I will email you the program to try. Please send your request to: JimKilby@usa.net and I will reply with the file. It shows you exactly how much each individual player discount "deal" costs the casino. Free to trial. Click Here. Feel free to call and chat before the download. Thank you.

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Blackjack player who took Atlantic City casinos for $15 million says rules put the math on his side July 10, 2011

Atlantic City casinos commonly discount losses with high rollers August 10, 2011

Introduction to Casino Management

  • Over 400 pages of up to date material on how to manage a casino.

Principles of Casino Marketing

  • Written by the authors of the best-selling casino management textbook in the world, “Casino Operations Management”
  • Authors have more than 40 years of experience in the field, along with 30 years of experience as university professors
  • With active consulting practices, the authors were able to incorporate some of the latest trends in the casino marketing field