New Management Software!!!! Casino Marketing Manager version 5.0.0

If your casino offers discounts on loss then this program will pay for itself 100 times over. Any discount on loss effectively reduces the game's advantage and few executives know the effect of the discount on the player's disadvantage. This program provides the casino executive with the true cost of the discount. That is, how much of the casino's advantage has been returned in the form of a discount. Many players will come to the casino executive with a "proposition." Often these players know much more about the discounts than management. If you are going to accept the player's proposition, then you MUST know what the discount actually costs the casino. Don't be confused with the percentage of loss. Don't think that a 10% discount only costs 10%. Depending on the game played and the player's play characteristics, the discount could cost the casino over 100%. Throw in the comps and airfare and the casino could actually be playing with a huge disadvantage.

The program allows the executive to create a complete P & L on each player receiving a discount. The executive, or analyst, can enter all costs associated with the visit and the program will generate easy to read reports. Please email me and I will forward an email outlining just a few of the programs many capabilities The Casino Marketing Manager contains modules for:

  • analyzing discounts on loss programs for baccarat, dice, roulette, and blackjack
  • determining an acceptable level of complimentary to reward
  • calculate a player's profitability
  • assist in styling dead chip programs (called Rolling programs in Asia)
  • determining the effect of rule variations in blackjack
  • simulating dice play
  • combining multiple games, sessions, and trips


Please Click Here for an explanation of how discounts work and how the Casino Marketing Manager can help you.

Help Manual

What if you offered a player a 10% discount on all loses over $50,000 and then 20% on all loses over $250,000? Further, he had an average bet of $6,129 and total trip expenses of $6,746. What is your profit contribution on this player for this trip after the discount and all expenses? Click Here to Find Out.  


Here is a partial list of the casinos using the Casino Marketing Manager:

  • Wynn Resort, Las Vegas
  • Caesars Palace, Las Vegas
  • Foxwoods
  • Resorts International, Atlantic City
  • Rio Suite Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas
  • Crown Casino, Melbourne, Australia
  • Harrahs Tahoe
  • Harrahs Atlantic City
  • Trump Taj Mahal
  • Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas
  • Park Place Gaming (corporate)
  • Star City Casino, Sydney
  • Conrad International Treasury, Brisbane, Australia
  • Venetian, Las Vegas


The Casino Marketing Manager is the first Windows based program designed to assist management in marketing the table game customer. Rolling Chips, discounts on loss, and modification of rules are three of the most popular tools used by the casino marketeer. This program will provide information so you can negotiate a deal with the player, condition his play, award complimentaries or discounts at the end of play, design a profitable marketing plan, or determine the cost of modifying the rules.

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